Five Key Dynamics of Globalism in the Culture of YouTube

What is Globalism?

Globalism is defined by an online dictionary as the policy where the interests of the entire world are ranked or placed above those of specific countries or regions (“globalism”, n.d.). Michael Wesch, in a video presentation, explains how the world has changed as a result of media sites. His presentation focused on YouTube and pointed out how people from different parts of the world are connected and can speak out anonymously through this media site.

YouTube’s Contribution to Globalism

YouTube, a site that was founded in 2005, has greatly contributed to globalism. Some of the dynamics of globalism in the culture of YouTube include: (1) web cam which, according to Wesch, has given more power to the people by allowing them to share their views in form of videos and vlogs, (2) anonymity is also another feature that has fueled globalism by allowing people to share their views and comments anonymously without worrying about who sees them, (3) global talent recognition is yet another factor that has increased globalism in the culture of YouTube.

People can share their talents irrespective of their locations and attract followers from different parts of the world who can subscribe to them and interact in the comment section hence an online culture is created, (4) unity; people from different geographical location and cultures are united together by common interests found in the videos posted in YouTube and are given a chance to interact in the comment section, (5) new identity is another feature that has increased globalism of YouTube culture. Registering in YouTube as either a vlogger or just an internet user allows use of any name or location, users can therefore use any name they like.

In conclusion, the five key dynamics of globalism in the culture of YouTube are web cam, anonymity, global talent recognition, unity, and new identity. With these dynamics, YouTube has grown into a global community.


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