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CISSP: Important Security Practices

Explain why the following operations security practices are important.

  • Data should be classified, and the necessary technical controls should be put into place to protect ts integrity, confidentiality, and availability.
  • Hacker tools are becoming increasingly more sophisticated while requiring increasingly less knowledge by the attacker about how they work.
  • Clipping levels should be implemented to establish a baseline of user activity and acceptance errors.
  • Sensitive information should contain the correct markings and labels to indicate the corresponding sensitivity level.
  • Proper fault-tolerant mechanisms should be put in place to counter equipment failure. A teardrop attack involves sending malformed fragmented packets to a vulnerable system.
  • Improper mail relay configurations allow for mail servers to be used to forward spam messages.
  • Phishing involves an attacker sending false messages to a victim in the hopes that the victim will provide personal information that can be used to steal their identity.

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